NEXT ENSEMBLE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Help us achieve our goal of transforming the concert experience!


Why Support NEXT Ensemble?

NEXT Ensemble is working to effect greater understanding and appreciation for the arts by transforming the concert experience. Here are a few ways we are effecting change:

1. Breaking Down Barriers:
Traditional live music performances come complete with a HUGE barrier between the performers and audience members. NEXT is breaking down that barrier and redefining what it means to experience live music! If you've ever been to one of our events, you know to expect a comfortable, inviting and relaxed environment (with refreshments!) where you can enjoy extremely high quality music, learn about what you're hearing, and get to know the performers.

2. Our Talent:
We have INCREDIBLE talent in Ogden. Some of Utah's most accomplished musicians live in your own home town! We create opportunities where you can experience what these fantastic performers have to offer, and get to know them better..

3. Speaking of Talent:
Most people know support for the arts has declined greatly in the US over the last two decades, particularly fiscally - that's right - we're talking about money. What that means is there is less and less available to pay the awesome talent that we so frequently enjoy and often take for granted.

The musicians that are a part of NEXT Ensemble work extremely hard to be such fantastic players and, like any other profession, we believe they deserve to be fairly compensated for their efforts. Did you know in our 2.5 years of existence we've already featured of 50 musicians? Most of them are local to Ogden!

The image here shows some interesting, and perhaps heartbreaking, facts about what it means to be a musician in today's culture. NEXT Ensemble is fighting to change this by placing a high priority on paying all of our musicians and providing a professional experience.

Here's one quote you may be familiar with:

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut funding for the arts in favor of the war effort, he replied "then what are we fighting for?"

Simply put, the arts are a display of what it means to be human, and NEXT Ensemble is working to keep support for the arts alive in our community.

4. Community Partners:
NEXT Ensemble always partner with another non-profit to increase the reach of some of the most important causes. So when you attend NEXT events or donate to us, your dollars go further by supporting our partner organizations as well.

In 2015, we partnered with One Heart Worldwide - an organization dedicated to saving the lives of mothers and infants worldwide. In 2016 and 2017, we have partnered with Ogden's Youth Impact to generate support for the at-risk and underserved youth in Ogden. Youth Impact provides "a safe place to be a kid".

5. Many Art Forms:
We love to incorporate other art forms besides music in our performances. Many of our concerts feature poetry, paintings, photography and history. We also participate in two First Friday Art Strolls every year so that our patrons can experience multi-faceted artistic events.