4 Jul 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
Hi, all. It's been a while. I'll be presenting a paper next week at the VU Symposium for Experimental, Electronic, and Improvised Music; plus, my piece PBD19 will be played. Here's a link to the symposium, put on by the wonderful dynamic duo o...
30 May 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
The upcoming NEXT Ensemble concert -- June 1st at Alleged -- is another installment of our "Music Without Borders" series. Last time, we explored music that originated outside the European diaspora. This time, though, we want to think about social...
12 May 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
One of the ideas I floated at the meeting referenced in my last post was that a performing organization's "product" is much more than just the music he/she/they presents on any given concert. If we think in terms of exchange value, it has to be. ...
6 May 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
I'm involved with a non-profit called NEXT Ensemble and we have an "audience engagement" meeting tomorrow. This has led me over the past few days to think hard about what I think ought to be the first question: Why should anyone actually go see l...
29 Apr 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
On May 3rd, I'll continue down this electronic music path I've been on lately with another performance. It's sponsored by the Nine Rails Arts District and will be at the Argo House at 7 & 8pm as part of the First Friday Art Stroll. The idea for t...
26 Apr 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
I'd like to thank the woman who whooped for Mozart. Well, not Mozart in general, but for the first movement of his Paris Symphony. Tonight I took my daughter -- a budding guitarist -- to hear the Rodrigo Concierto de Aranjuez  played by Pablo Sá...
21 Apr 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
I have this side gig where I work with high school students at SpyHop in SLC. Right now the project involves a student rock band, and I was interviewing the members of the band about which of their original songs had the most potential to make an ...
18 Apr 2019
Carey Campbell // Best with Headphones
In his brilliant ethnography of the typical North American Music Building, Bruno Nettl identifies two poles of classical music mythology: Mozart and Beethoven. Not necessarily the actual human beings, but the concept of them, what they represent. ...
13 Apr 2019
NEXT Ensemble partners with Onstage Ogden to present Bach Festival.
3 Jan 2017
In September NEXT Ensemble performed on BYU Radio's Highway 89.
3 Jan 2017
In November NEXT Ensemble was invited to perform on The Banyan Collective's podcast. Check out our performance and discussion.
7 Feb 2016
Article in the Standard Examiner about NEXT Ensemble.
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